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St Johns Bridge Paper Model Kit

St Johns Bridge Paper Model Kit

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Built in 1931, the St. Johns Bridge is a steel suspension bridge with dual gothic style towers. It is the tallest & most stunning bridge in Portland,Oregon. Portland's St John's bridge is by far the crown jewel of the city.

City Gems Paper Models - St Johns Bridge

Paper Model: 1/1000 Scale - Assembled 42"x5"x2"

This is a 1/1000 finely detailed paper model of Portland, Oregon's iconic St Johns Bridge.

City Gems Paper Models are finely detailed models and express the very nature of the landmarks they represent. You can use these models as gifts, for interior decoration, for school projects or just spend your time in a great manner. Wherever you use them, we guarantee their superior quality. Ages 13 to adult.

Pre-Cut - this model is delivered unassembled, in a flat kit with all the necessary details pre-cut. You will need to fold and glue the details according to the set-up instructions.

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